lollllloolool I’m talking to an econ TA on jackd 

i took that same class 3 years ago and imagine i took it now how awkward would it be for him like hey i know ur gay and on this app now teach me the different forms of opportunity cost.


More of  ”N Devil Absolutment’s” “Dick Gumshoe art” (even though I think it’s one of his OCs which has a resemblance to him instead of Dick Gumshoe himself. Still I like it!) 


画集 | 魔王アブソるん [pixiv] http://雑



Oh my god


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  • Artist : 一十/MENたいこ
  • Title : クロスサマナーはじめました
  • Source  : pixiv


i could stare at this picture for hours

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Anonymous asked:
Would you ever date a trans male?

Direct answer is: yes.

I feel like I could be pansexual just because I like whoever I like, but I consider myself homosexual just because it’s an extremely high percentage of me falling for another cis male.

Anonymous asked:
if you go up to a huge muscle jock and insult him i swear to god youre going to get pounded onto a bed and fucked hard and i want to see this recorded

This message is all over the place. Like the mess that stud will make when he’s done with me



This is literally both the best and worst out of context thing I have ever seen

if this is the male alternative of The Ring then IM IN.

i should go up to an egoistic dbag musclehead with confidence on his huge chest and tell him, “nice tits” and watch him burn in shame


"i SAID what games u got on ya phone"

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